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Coco the Dog and some Desks…

coco the dog with desk

The fabulously witty Liz over on the famous Five Go Glamping blog, has just published a piece about Freddie Omm’s desks and dog.

coco the dog with a desk

coco the dog with a desk

See for yourself how three different desks and one single dog (Coco) have contributed to the creation of Honour.

Dogs, of course, have always been as attached to great writing as they are to their stomachs.

One of the Bear’s favourite examples is also one of the oldest: Odysseus’ old dog Argos, whom the hero had left behind as a puppy to go sack Troy. Argos has hung on to life to await his master’s return and feebly tries to wag his tail on finally hearing his voice – but he is an old dog, and close to death…

It is one of the most moving passages in the Odyssey.

odysseus and argos odysseus and argos

Luckily nothing so harrowing happened during the photo shoot for Liz’s blog piece, with both desks and dog surviving unharmed.

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