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Wild wine that sets the wisest man to sing…

EH 5084P

Ernest Hemingway – El Floridita Bar, Havana, Cuba

“Ah, drink again
This river that is the taker-away of pain,
And the giver-back of beauty!” – Edna St. Vincent Millay

Why do writers drink? asks Blake Morrison in this weekend’s Guardian before meandering along the bookshelves citing the views of the Usual Suspects.

But do writers drink any more than any other group? As this half of the Bear devoutly pours a glass of vino and swaps pen for culinary creativity, it seems highly likely that for chefs, too, Bechemal is probably not the only sauce.

Of course, here at Bear HQ, we’re a sober bunch in the main – though we do wholly subscribe to the Kerouac adage:

“Don’t drink to get drunk. Drink to enjoy life.”

Amen to that. Salut!

About sandiezand (6 Articles)
I live in a beautiful medieval town in Shropshire where a river arcs around winding streets of ancient architecture, glorious cobbled alleyways, more independent shops than any person has a right to - staffed by friendly, helpful people who care about what they do - a theatre, a vibrant creative buzz, good eating, and a wonderful park. Aren't I the lucky one?

2 Comments on Wild wine that sets the wisest man to sing…

  1. Cheers from Hong Kong, where it is very nearly time to open the Sauvignon Blanc. 3300 words today – so I deserve it, don’t I?

  2. Absolutely. You deserved it after the first 330, in fact, according to modern “Words Penned Reach 3 Digits” rulings – and you could have opened the bottle at 33 if adopting “Words Penned In Hot Climate Have Tenfold Value” (1940s Cuban Journalistic) guidelines.

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