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An arttrashman-the-freddie-ommy psycho who targets celebs is terrorising LA…

Hollywood blogger Jez Fleetwood is ghosting the life of movie megastar Dan Farr, leading light of a secretive New Age religion. His life turns stellar, with glittering, star-studded parties-and he finds a new lover, sexy, trendy designer Zoe.

Zoe is being stalked by a psycho who targets stars, butchering them and turning the crime scenes into twisted installation art, and soon Jez’ life intertwines with a serial killer’s.

As the Trashman closes in, the couple are tracked from LA to Paris and Milan and back, and Jez is confronted by a fatal choice: his glamorous, wealthy new life, or the safety of the woman he loves.

A cool, smart thriller, ripping into celeb culture and the cult of self-realisation, this cleverly ironic masterpiece is edgy, stylish, and horrifying. 

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