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Mad Bear Books is an independent publishing imprint. Our authors write unfettered by commercial concerns.

Our name is taken from the legend of Balthasar’s Bear (see below*).

Mad Bear Books*Balthasar was a Frisian freedom-fighter, lord of Harlingerland. In 1540 his capital city, Esens, was besieged by a murderous army of puritanical killjoys from Bremen. The Bear (an itinerant dancing bear trapped in the city) was locked away in a tower in the city walls. Maddened by hunger, he climbed to the top of the tower and roared out, hurling bricks at the besiegers. This freaked them out and sent them scurrying back to Bremen. These days, Balthasar’s Bear no longer hurls bricks–but books–at the enemies of freedom, pleasure and joy… But he’s as Mad as he always was…

Freddie Oomkens

Freddie grew up in Holland, the USA, the UK and Indonesia.

He studied English literature at Oxford in England. Then he went into global communications, starting at Saatchi & Saatchi in London, moving to Milan in Italy, then on to Düsseldorf and Hamburg in Germany.

Freddie founded and ran an international branding communications agency in Amsterdam employing 45 people. After successfully launching the agency and leading it to record growth he decided it was time to “give something back,” and now works for the International Baccalaureate, a global non-profit in The Hague – motivated by a mission to make a better world through education…

His novel, Honour, published by Mad Bear Books under the pen name Freddie Omm, was an Amazon best-seller in the UK and Germany

Sandie Dent

Born in Lancashire, a stone’s throw from the infamous witches’ cairn on Pendle Hill, Sandie was educated at the local grammar school where she excelled in English, Art, History and Detention.

After meandering spells on the coast of Scotland and Hampshire, she now resides in Shropshire – distressingly far from the sea, but the people are wonderful, the scenery beautiful and the history alluring – where she works for a charity and writes things other than project milestones when she can.

Sandie has had short stories published in the Words to Music (2011) collection and has appeared as a guest author for the Year Zero collective. She blogs sporadically at and can be found, occasionally, often late at night, on Twitter.

She finds talking about herself in the third person very therapeutic.


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