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Loving Light – haiku chain


All my life I’ve loved

beaches and the beauty of

being on the edge


Where senses merge like

sex in sand and sky in eyes

we are everywhere


Feeling a moment

like lifetimes of loving light

from intense shadows


While feelings blur like

sea in sand and sky in air

we’re here everywhere.


All my life I’ve loved

beaches and their hot bodies

heating everyone


(Save folks or times with

lack of lust for life in sex through

mood or age or choice)


All my life I’ve loved

soft warm curves that turn things hard

tangling everything


All my life I’ve loved

those days when outlines grow so vague

you shape in the flow


Like waves washing worlds

that wishes made whole, oceans

smooth and connect us


All our lives loving

beaches and bodies and love

make us all hotter


And all our lives’ love

lifts us from life’s heaviness:

makes our lives lighter.


All my life I’ve loved

light, I’ve left darkness behind

when stuff got murky


At dawn if things got

sweaty I might stay on till

stuff got cool again –


– I get dark sometimes

too, we all do, but try to

leave darkness at dawn





September 2020

About freddie omm (15 Articles)
Freddie Omm is a writer living in Europe

1 Comment on Loving Light – haiku chain

  1. René Descartes // October 7, 2020 at 2:13 pm // Reply

    Your admirable words contain much wisdom and metaphysical insight into the nature of light and the fashion in which it affects us as mortal beings.

    In the past, I knew of only two sorts of bodies in the world in which light is found – stars and flame, or fire. I saw light as a disturbance travelling through the plenum like a wave through water.

    But you describe ways in which it travels through our human bodies.
    Your poetry stretches the senses of the possible…
    It is a wondrous thing to be a poet, to create new worlds!

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