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salle des pas perdus – poitiers


hall of lost footsteps

fugitive hot whispered words

scabrous ancestral songs


judgments from the court

of love whose lust-drunk troubadours

inspire my spirit:


a joy for living

a past that never passes

a loss still unlost


in this hallowed space

– oak beams, flagstones, marbled walls –

still footfalls echo


I long for you much

as I listen to music

whose sadnesses touch


my heart still aching

from madnesses and rage that

haunt this rabid present –


let’s celebrate life

in songs of now, here, as in those

footfalls of the past


we find in absence

a beauty missing in presence

sometimes, timeless love





1 january 2019

About freddie omm (15 Articles)
Freddie Omm is a writer living in Europe

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