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here right now (lit like sparks in rain)

A New Years haiku chain (for absent friends) from Freddie Omm:lost in your head

– a maze in shade, leaves in fall –

can’t find a way out


your mind’s lost and found

place of missed discoveries:

space to be, begin


become right here, be

fresh and free like that loved child

you were and yet will be


in this place of warmth

(this then’s the only way in?)

welling from your core


and you’re here right now

as these words flit through your brain

lit like sparks in rain


in our synapses

no unlinked unwoke spaces

no clueless faceless faces –


flaming in the flow

of watery reflections

you are here right now.





december 2018

About freddie omm (15 Articles)
Freddie Omm is a writer living in Europe

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